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Events & fund raisers


The fund raising events keep the preschool running.  They subsidise the costs and allow the parent contributions to be smaller as a result.  Without fund raising events for the preschool, session and activity costs would need to increase considerably.  As this is a community run preschool where we want all children to be welcome, fund raising is the only option that makes this possible.

As a result there are regular and one of events which need organizing and raise those additional funds for the school.  We are reliant on the committee to run these events.  This area of the website is used for those organizers so that as much knowledge and material as possible can be reused for the next events.  Specific information and materials for these events can be found in the links to the right.

There are also individual events where parents often take part in fun runs (High Legh 10K) and donate their sponsorships to the preschool.  You can find sponsorship forms here as well if you are interested in doing this.


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